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Andres Hoyos is the Founder and CEO of Sync Brokerage, a boutique, high-tech real estate brokerage with offices located throughout Los Angeles and Miami, FL. Andres migrated to the United States in 2001 from Colombia. Just 17 years old, Andres began earning his livelihood very young from delivering pizzas in the San Fernando Valley to becoming a top producing real estate agent in the following years. In 2017, he took a leap of faith and Founded Sync Brokerage using all of his life savings. The business quickly expanded from a single-digit number of agents to what it is today, with over 100 and counting. As a forward-thinker, Andres innovates in the industry by adopting the latest technology and fostering a one-of-a-kind culture that puts Sync above expectations for clients, employees, and associates. 

Andres attributes his wife Diana Steel––a renowned executive coach by profession––as the backbone of his leadership success. She has been involved since the inception of Sync, and in 2019 she decided to join the company full-time in the capacity of Chief Operationing Officer which resulted in agent growth and tripling revenues. The couple met at the young age of 20, and at that time Diana was already quickly climbing the corporate ladder, while Andres was still trying to find the direction of his career. Inspired by his wife’s drive, Andres realized that he needed to rise and when the opportunity came to him to enter the real estate industry he did not hesitate. Today, Sync Brokerage stands at a fast-growing pace, in Los Angeles and Miami, FL. The company uniquely stands by its mission of promoting happiness, positive energy, and a healthy work environment. “Real Estate is not just a business but a way to make people’s lives better and happier,” says Hoyos. 

Andres and Diana both emigrated from Colombia and they are true embodiments of the American Dream. As a complement to one another, their relationship is a testament to what it truly takes for couples to become one and build an empire. 


Andres Hoyos: I came from a middle-income family of entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry, which meant I was expected to fill the third generation of the trade. At a young age, my dad pushed me to work: not for money but to learn the discipline and ethic of earning money. Moving to the United States at 17 brought its own challenges both culturally and in my behavior, which led me to the wrong friends and some life-long lessons. 


Andres Hoyos: Sync Brokerage was founded mid-year in 2017. The first office, located in Woodland Hills, had only eight agents. My only hope was to have the freedom to run my team independently from the rules and boundaries that many agents face under a traditional brokerage structure. I focused only on technology which seemed premature and there was very little capital [to start the business]. [However] within the first three months, Sync was profitable, the energy was flowing and people could feel it. This attracted more agents, teams and recruiting became a connection more than a transaction.

After the first year, Sync attracted offers to become part of larger traditional brokerages, and this was a sign for expansion. Today, Sync offers four offices in Los Angeles and one in Miami, FL. 

My wife has been a huge mentor; she’s still my coach, besides being my wife and business partner. I also follow and admire Grant Cardone who in part through his conferences, books and drive helped fuel my vision for building a brokerage the way I wanted. 


Andres Hoyos: The first thought that came to mind when Sync was founded was that, regardless of the dollar signs, I wanted to build an environment where everyone is happy and can have fun. Too often I met people who are successful but, in their faces, you see unhappiness and bitterness. They are unable to connect on a human level, missing out on so many beautiful experiences of life. This is one of the reasons events are so important at Sync. They allow for us to interact on levels that connect us to others in genuine ways and open the doors to endless possibilities both professionally and personally. 


Andres Hoyos: Diana is a business growth strategist and a leadership coach. Her background is dealing with corporations––consulting and cleaning up the “mess” some would say. When she transitioned to working with me full-time to build and expand our brokerage it felt like the component we were missing. We always had her input and support, but now our time and attention are invested in the same goal.

Since we started dating, she has been my motivation and someone that I look up to. She is not a licensed agent, but it allows her to see the business from a different angle, and therefore implement strategies that are efficient and effective. These allow Sync to operate like a “well-oiled machine.” 


Andres Hoyos: A lot of people come back to me for business. The structure I have created consists of choosing the right people to be on my team and support centers. I strongly believe that together we do more, therefore my book of business is often spread out––I work many deals with members of my team; we are all in this business to make money and take care of our clients. I am lucky to have people I can trust and in return we all gain. Regardless of how busy or complicated the deal is, we don’t get paid to just sit and wait for the check to come; we need to do our job. This applies to everyone, including me.


Andres Hoyos: In 2009 I started as an assistant, then in 2011, I got my license. I became a top producer agent for three consecutive years, and I built my own team. Then, after being the top producing agent other than the title and a short period of recognition I found there was no challenge. I approached the company that I was working for, and I asked them to let me manage; this included recruiting and helping them grow their company. There were many valuable lessons from this period of my career, some I will never forget as I believe they are a blueprint to what is and is not successful. 


Andres Hoyos: I tell the agents and everyone that tomorrow is not promised. Why not live your best life? Whenever I must decide, I always ask myself, what’s the worst thing that can happen? If I fail, then I get up, I do it again or I do it in a different way. I think that lesson is priceless. I have been around many people in my life, personally and professionally whose fear has prevented them from being the best versions of themselves, and this becomes an illness. We should not be ill with fear, we can acknowledge it exists and how it makes us feel but reject it when it interferes with our goals and dreams.


Andres Hoyos: Working with agents and clients is being able to impact people’s lives for the better––and this is rewarding. When you connect with people on a personal level and you get to know people deeply, you will understand where they’re coming from, how they think, and the value they bring. Influencing someone is all about them, not you. I think some people like to think they are influential just because they are popular. But you only know you’ve influenced someone if they tell you or if you see results. For the most part, when I am asked, I give: no expectations. 


Andres Hoyos: Everything revolves around—and [is] for—my family. I think that when you’re happy with yourself, everything else comes along and special energy is created; this will attract good. I also believe in the importance of helping others. 


Andres Hoyos: We are in the best country in the world. There are places around the globe where no matter how hard you try, or how smart or strong you are, people don’t have equal opportunities. Here in the United States, I believe that we all have the same equal opportunity to do well or not do anything. I think that if there is no self-determination there is no direction. We are 100% in control of the life that we live.

Interview By Tricia Love Vargas
Photography: Sammy Santillano
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