The Untold Story of the Woman Behind L.A. STYLE Magazine

As the CEO and Publisher of L.A. STYLE Magazine, Tricia Love Vargas is a multifaceted Latina powerhouse. With self-worth, awareness and gratitude being her guiding principles, she exhibits a refreshing modesty, uncommon among the fashion industry. As an unstoppable force, she stands undaunted with endless amounts of energy and passion. Typical days for her involve adeptly juggling high-profile interviews, speaking slots on panels, and implementing marketing strategy, all the while caring for her son as a single mother. Equal to the commitment to her work is the importance she bestows on authenticity  in every relationship and encounter. 

Well known for her marketing prowess, she has worked with high-profile clients such as Mercedes Benz, Simon Malls, Four Seasons Hotels, and Monster Energy. She is now bridging her passion for marketing with real estate, through her partnership with billionaire real estate mogul Elena Cardone. Together they work with real estate agents from across the globe. 

“Trust your intuition,” she shares as part of her advice to those seeking success in business. “Everybody’s going to have an opinion, but you have to be so in tune with yourself, to know what you deserve, what you desire and what you’re going for––that their opinion doesn’t phase you.” Tricia embodies the true essence of a motivational leader, teaching entrepreneurs that despite the circumstances life presents one must continue to persevere, all while maintainig a spirit of joy and gratitude.


Tricia Love Vargas:  I was 21-years-old, young and carefree attending college in Miami when I conceived my son…he was a surprise as I had taken precautions through birth control. It was a complete shock. I was devasted when I found out. My initial thought was that all my career dreams and aspirations were over. At this young age, I was keenly aware of the sacrifice required to succeed in business and I had already predetermined, I wanted to build my business in my 20’s-30’s and then maybe consider having children in my late 30s. But this was a complete flip of the script. 

After the shock of my pregnancy settled, I decided I wasn’t going to let the circumstance change the course of my life, instead, I was going to use this as fuel to win and to be an example of success for my child. After a conversation with my son’s father, we decided to pack up everything we owned in his pickup truck and travel across the country to Los Angeles, CA. I arrived six months pregnant and finished my last trimester, while being enrolled in FIDM (Fashion Insitute of Design & Merchandising), the college I transferred to from the Art Institute I attended in Miami.


Tricia Love Vargas: Initially in my career, I didn’t have a healthy balance between my work and personal life. Now I pick specific days to be fully present with him to have quality time. But it took me a long time to come to this place, and I almost missed enjoying my son while he was still young. I’m really grateful for COVID because it forced me to slow down and take a pause.  

However, I must say my heart sincerly goes out to all though who lost loves ones from this pandemic. 

When I reflect on my family and career––I don’t regret the sacrifices I’ve made. Even after the divorce with my son’s father and all the pain that comes with a family being divided. I am grateful for all of my life experiences––the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful––it’s life and I learned a lot and love all of it. All of these experiences have contributed to making me the woman I am today.


Tricia Love Vargas: There wasn’t another option and I didn’t want to settle for less. I knew that no one was coming to save me. 

Yes, I knew God had my back, but it was up to me to take action. I knew I had all the tools I needed. I thought––I have a mind, I can read, I can write, I can move, I can speak, among many other capabilities.  I have no excuse, I was more than capable to suceed. When I finally accepted nobody else was going to come and save me and decided to take accountability and control of my life this was a big shift for me. This is when I tapped into my true self. I tapped into my superpower and harnessed all the strength within myself and all God had to offer me. It was challenging but it was also the most liberating experience. 


Tricia Love Vargas: My mother would always remind me of my worth. That’s one of the things that I speak about a lot––you have to know your worth. If you don’t have confidence and realize the beautiful being that God has created you to be, then it’s going to be really hard to succeed at anything in life. This was a major fundamental principle that my mom instilled in me. She always said, “You could be anything you want to be.” My mother would also tell me, “Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can do today.” Because of this, I always have a sense of urgency to accomplish what I set my mind to. Prior to us moving to Florida when I was eight, my mother was a Security Officer at the World Trade Center. We expereienced a big shift lifestyle or socisl class as some would put it when we moved to FL. My mother packed all we owned in her little Dodge Neon; she was a full of hope for a new future for us. Depsite our circumstances not being of a glamourous lifestyle, my mother never allowed this to define me. She instilled in me scripture and confirdence; constatly reminding me that I was royalty, a duaghter of the most high God. I am grateful for her instilling in me biblical principles and values. 

My dad is one of sixteen children, all siblings were from his mother and father; he grew up in New York City where they moved to from Puerto Rico when he was a young boy. He always showcased such a spirit of excellence in all he did. He was a Sanitation Officer in New York, and always did additional construction jobs in addition to his full-time job. He was diligent with his finances throughout the years. When he retired he purchased a home in West Palm Beach. I admire his discipline, work ethic and tenacity. 

Interview by Marianna Reyes

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